I came across a website called I typically use Netflix for watching intriguing and different documentaries but came across this website where they stream free random documentaries on topics from 911, History, Medical, Drugs, you name it. Pretty sweet.

I recently watched a documentary about a biochemist, Stanislaw Burzynski that has developed a new less-invasive cancer treatment for people who are stage 3 and have no alternatives. This documentary is going to be skewed towards Burzynski of course but the information provided is pretty startling. He created a treatment of simply introducing peptides and their metabolites which he calls antineoplastons into the patient’s system to help defend against the cancerous cells. In his documentary, through the clinical trials that Burzynski completed (even through the Government), it was shown that his treatment had a higher success rate than that of radiation and chemotherapy. Many of his patients that had stage 3 cancer with only a few month to live are still alive today, 20 years later. Really you just need to watch this documentary for yourself.

Burzynski makes a good point though in this documentary.. we have so many charities (ex: Race for the CURE, LiveSTRONG, Komen, Love-Hope-Strength,..) dedicated to cancer yet their funds go towards finding better types of radiation therapy and chemotherapy not towards an actual cure (These charities still do a lot of good but we need more charities that REALLY focus on a cure not just a temporary band-aid). If you really think about this topic, if we were able to find a cure for cancer, the FDA would lose so much money due to not getting a cut of PhRMA’s profits and having less terminal patients needing the costly treatment for years and years. It is interesting how many times the FDA, the Government and PhRMA tried to sue Burzynski without success because he came up with a potential cure. He at least opened the door to a new alternative for those who are fighting the daily battle of cancer.

Even wiki paints a bad depiction of Burzynski..

I am excited for my new role at OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center where I will be a part of their cancer research team where I will get to look more into various types of cancer, educate patients, track their progress and hopefully help them find clinical trials to fit their situation. Although only a 6-month contract, it’s a step in the right direction.

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