tree of possibilities

I was searching through some of my photos, cleaning up my computer and came across this picture. I remember taking it in Hocking Hills last summer and thinking to myself how amazingly tall it was.

Looking at this tree makes me wonder about all the storms and dry seasons it has endured yet it still grows strong and tall. This can be very applicable to your life. When you go through tough situations and trying times, it’s up to you whether you continue to grow or whether you just crumble. Even if you crumble, it’s up to YOU and you only to get back up.

If you believe in a greater power or a God, a lot of times life can seem unfair.. you don’t have to think that way. Without sounding cliché or like a hallmark card, everything happens for a reason even if it’s just so you can say you got through it on top. Next time you feel like the world is crashing down on you, it probably is. But just remember this tree and that no matter what it went through, it is still growing mighty and tall and as you can see… it’s not alone.


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