getting back into it

It has been over two years since I have written. My life is in even more of a different place yet still full of promise and inspiration.

The job I currently have has invested in our non management employees by offering a “Dream Coach” for a 4 month stint.

Dream Coach? I laughed as well. Why was so much money going into a dream coach and not into more resources for the company? Well it then hit me. The owner of my company who I’ve come to respect is concerned with the emotional and mental state of his employees and understands the importance of helping us become the best versions of ourselves. This will in turn make us better employees, better husbands/wives, better friends and lord knows more understanding.

We, myself and my three other co workers (the lowest on the totem pole) meet with “Kim” twice a month. The first of the month we meet for a half day of lecture, conversation and debate. It’s an open forum where we get to explore how we think, how we got there and how it affects our personal/working relationships. The second meeting is a personal hour-long session where Kim helps us find what we’re looking for. It might be personal, it might be strictly business but it can be whatever you make it. She’s not a therapist or a counselor but someone who is truly passionate about helping people find their dreams, what’s holding them back and how to obtain that dream.

why do i tell you all of this?

I am finding little pieces of myself that I didn’t know were missing through this process. We have monthly assignments where we journal about two different things, one personal and one that’s all business. Funny how the two typically stem from the same place within I’ve noticed. This process has challenged me to take the time to really and truly give myself a chance.

It is easy to take advantage of being busy. It seems like a weird statement but think about it… when we are busy and preoccupied, we don’t really have to work through things. It’s in this time where we truly get into a rut of doing whatever we can to keep going, and rarely break away from the norm.

What does all this mean?

i need to get back into it.

Writing for me is a release of emotion and it’s what helps me process my thoughts in a rational/irrational way.

So, I’m going to make me a priority. I’m going to write my thoughts and opinions and they will be just that.

Today is the first day of a newer me..

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