worry wart

Worrying.. I have noticed again this weekend that I spend more time worrying than I do enjoying life. I wake up thinking about all the possibilities of the day, what bad things could possibly happen, what the alternate outcomes could be and end up preparing for the worst.

On top of that, I worry about my incredibly large family, where are they? Are they okay? Do they have enough to buy groceries? Are they emotionally okay? Is there peace between family members/if not, how can I change that?

All in all, I’m worrying about things that I mostly can’t change and the things I can change.. why am I worrying about it?


I then came across this quote on Pinterest. I was humbled and realize that I need to take my own advise. Life IS too short to worry. What could I be doing with my mind if it wasn’t so preoccupied worrying? I could learn a language, I could pick up a hobby, I could read a book, I could write more.. I could start writing that book I’ve always wanted to write!

Worry puts stress on your body which turns your stomach, gives you flare ups (acid reflux and a laundry list of other health ailments), it messes with your inner chi (can’t think straight, can’t focus/meditate, forgetful), and even aside from the physical damage it does, it effects your relationships. You are shorter, less patient, less thoughtful with your words and it leaves your significant other/family member/friend wondering what they did wrong or why you’re upset and a rift is created.

Lord knows I’ve been there! People don’t know what I’m thinking about so it’s unfair for me to project onto them because I’m at war with my own thoughts.

This is my Monday reflection on my mind and how I should/could/will make it healthier and more effective!


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