upper endoscopy…

So I went in this past Tuesday for a long awaited Endoscopy to view my esophagus, stomach and upper intestine. The anxiety that I had was through the roof the last week up until my appointment. My sister in law had gone to the same practice and had horrible complications just three weeks before (one of her ulcers was nicked and they had a hard time stopping the bleeding and a hard time getting her out of anesthesia). I was going to the same place.

Everything I had read about the procedure was that I would be “consciously sedated” which to me says I’m loopy but I’m still awake.

i was knocked out!

Thankfully I don’t remember much of the Endoscopy. They don’t have answers yet. They ruled out cancer/polyps and they ruled out Barrett’s Esophagus but they still don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I have gotten involved in a lot of groups that are focused on Acid Reflux and GERD and it can be depressing at times that there are so many wonderful people that aren’t getting help or are being ignored by their doctors. So instead of focusing on the pain in my chest and the burning in my stomach I’m going to be empowered!

it’s time for me to be the healthiest version of myself

So what am I doing to get this going? I’m using my fitbit everyday now to track my movement, calories burned and my sleeping pattern (or lack there of). I’m tracking everything I eat in my day planner and keeping track of what causes problems and what is good. I have switched to a Whole Food, Natural, No Processed foods diet which means I’m making all my meals. Shopping Organic (which is making me poor), and making my own bread which has been fun. I am also focused on not being as anxious.

So here’s to looking on the bright side!


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