my passion to write

Since I was a child I have been passionate about writing.. I grew up with a father that ferociously wrote in his journal every moment of every day. I saw the relief it gave him when he could transpose his daily thoughts, concerns, worries, fears, joys and dreams down on paper and in that..

i was an inspired little girl

In my early years as a child of single digits, my upbringing lead to establishing relationships with wonderful people 30-40 years my elder. I sat diligently at the foot of my parents and their friends and patiently listening to their woes and life advice which gave me a different outlook on life, what was important and how important writing would become to my life. As I watched my father take notes and my mom scribble on her notepad, I then saw how important their writing was to them as well. So, in order to make sense of these “grown up problems” I wrote..

I wrote to understand how things worked. I would take the complex thoughts in my head and work them out on a piece of paper and a little part of my childlike mind grew up even written word..

This is the story of my passion to be a writer..

one of these days i will write a book

Until then, I will write blog posts and send out into the cosmos what is in the forefront of my mind..



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